SANDCASTLES – Sana Rose (Book Review)


Author – Sana Rose

Ratings – 4🌸

GenreWomen’s Fiction / Romance 🌻

The story here revolves around one strong protagonist Selena Rocha, one fine regular morning she receives a knock at her door, which shifts her life upside down. 🌻

That leads to reveal of all the stories and scars she thought she had buried in past but they come back at the noise of that knock had the power to unfold those mysteries. 🌻

This story is soft, mild and poetic.
Written with pure emotions, it highlights the importance of past playing an important role in even in your present. 🌻

Although the pace gets slow at moments it’s still a very touching read. 🌻

The narrative is divided into around six parts and that goes back and forth between past and present. 🌻

This has many sub elements to it, like that of friendship, love, the generation gap and parenthood problems. 🌻
Also, i would like to address that the emotions of characters are so well portrayed that they touch the emotional chord of the readers.🌻

You will possibly fall in love with the characters. 🌻

And there is a very riveting theory behind the name of the book being ‘Sandcastles‘ i quite liked it. 🌻

Overall it’s a fresh read and a book of its own kind! 🌻

Recommended – Yes! 🌷

Thanks to @sanahrose Author for the review copy. 😊

You can buy the book at – .

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